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Earthwatch Whee!

Transterrestrial Radio with Robert Knight

ping! Wednesdays at Midnight on WBAI 99.5 FM

EarthWatch is a free-form radio program produced and hosted by Robert Knight, a distant visitor to a astrange planet. EarthWatch is a live, improvisational mix of science and space, music, metaphysics and metaphors, comedy and politics, news and interviews, poetry and phone calls.

Nova The EarthWatch broadcast principles are:

  1. Never lie on the air.
  2. Speak to one person.
  3. Assume that person is intelligent, even if uninformed.
  4. Question authority, and speak truth to power.
  5. Speak wisely to win even a foe, because. . .
  6. Anyone could be listening!
Using astronomy as a metaphor, EarthWatch explores biomorphic cosmology presented from a transterrestrial viewpoint (for those of us who are on this planet, yet not completely of it). In the promethean spirit, the Earthwatch goal is to provide a fulcrum to increase the political, moral, intellectual and spiritual leverage of communities whose collective intelligence may have been damaged by tribalism and corporate information abuse.

This web page is intended to increase social intelligence through popular access to higher-order information systems (such as interdisciplinary Internet-based communities), to give the public an even break against corporate and institutional plutocracy.

Which, come to think of it, is exactly what got Prometheus in trouble!

See the World(s)!

So, You of noble Earth, we now invite you to. . .


Explore Space! --literally -- with links to astronomical, meteorological, cartographic, statistical and other dimensions of EarthWatching.

Explore the News, with breaking news, data, intelligence and information links about pressing planetary issues. NEW: Heaven's Gate analysis!

Explore CrackWatch, EarthWatch's new investigativative reporting page -- including the latest news on the CIA-contra-crack scandal, plus a decade of our original reporting on the clandestine establishment of a global state of "Narcotopia."

Explore EarthWatch, and discover the madness to Robert's method.



Biomorphic Cosmology

EarthWatch is based on a term Robert Knight coined to describe his approach to a living Universe: Biomorphic Cosmology (from the roots bio=life, morphic=form, cosmo=universe, and logy=discourse). Literally, "Speaking of the Universe as a form of life." Or: Earthwatch is about "Life, the Universe and Everything!"

Pinwheel Galaxy In other words, the Universe seems to represent itself as embedded layers of living systems. EarthWatch guest Jim Lovelock's "Gaea Hypothesis," approximating the Earth as a living system, is a "local" application of Biomorphic Cosmology.

Consider that terrestrial life exists primarily as a creation of the Sun. Energy, nutrition, photosynthesis and vision are predetermined by the Sun's energy spectrum, 98% of which is concentrated in what we "happen" to call "visible" light. Yet the Sun, like its humanoid creation, has a "heartbeat" in the form of an 11- or 22-year heliomagnetic sunspot cycle.

The "blood" of the Sun is the ionic plasma circulating through the "body" of the solar system in the form of a "solar wind." But then, the Sun itself is blowing in the "galactic wind" as it orbits the black hole at the Galactic Center, which in turn is an organ orbiting the clustered meta-galactic body beyond the constellation Virgo.

These repeatedly embedded metaphors of life in the Universe -- and the explicit gravitational and electromagnetic interconnections among these bodies -- lead to a profound conclusion:

Every living thing is part of a larger living thing.

Wheels within wheels within wheels, as the gnostic sisterhood of the Bene Gesserit would say on the planets of "Dune."

Or, Biomorphic Cosmology, as we say on the worlds of Earthwatch.


A Star Is Born

This Hubble Space Telescope photo shows stars being formed in the dense clouds of a stellar nebula.

When a star explodes (and in death oddly declares its visible life to us as a nova or "new" dead-star-shining), it blows out molecular "shrapnel" in the form of heavy metallic atoms liberated from its dense interior. These heavy atoms fly through space as easily as bees fly through air to pollenate the flowers of a spring meadow.

Eventually, these atoms impregnate clouds of hydrogen and dust where, as "heavy" new kids on the block, the lighter elements gravitationally swarm around them, forming orbital atomic "gangs" which eventually accrete enough combined mass to form new stars!

As it is with all forms of life, new stars are fertilized by dying stars. And it's happening all across the Universe!


Explore Space!

Comet WestSkyWatch is a regular segment of EarthWatch, and the nation's longest running radio astronomy feature, in which our Phoenix-based "Dr Sky," Steve Kates gives live descriptions and forecasts of the wonders to be beheld in the night sky by the naked eye. Comets, meteors, planets, satellites and eclipses -- our Astrogator Steve's on top of them all!
A recorded version is available at The Skyline: (602) 955-SKYS.

SaturnThe Nine Planets New to the neighborhood? There's no more comprehensive introduction to the Sol System than Bill Arnett's labyrinthine compilation of facts, pictures and discoveries about the planets, and objects beyond. The Nine Planets contains as much online data as an undergrad astronomy course. But this one is fun!

EarthView Earth View presents a magnificent orbital view of Earth, initially a subsolar topographic view ("follow the Sun"). But that's not all: you can specify longitude, latitude and altitude for a satellite-eye view of current cloud cover anywhere, including the solar terminator ("the edge of night")!

Weather MapWeather View As News Director I refused to clutter our casts with sports and weather reports, figuring our listeners were smart enough to stick their head out the damn window to see if it's raining! But try this site if you must have a weather report. Click to any location for current and forecast conditions. This Weather View, along with Earth View's cloud cover, can help your viewing plans for those "nights of the comet."

WorldViewWorld View is a global mapping program which shows the lay of the land anywhere on Earth, at any scale, with name searching in the USA. It's produced by those fine folks at XEROX Palo Alto Research Center, home of the ubiquitous graphical user interface that was licensed by Apple, then imitated by MicroSatan Windows.

Sky View is what NASA calls a "Virtual Observatory on the Net" with images of any part of the sky at all wavelengths [including 3-D] from radio to gamma. Sky View is a serious deep-space observational tool, a stick-shift spaceship in a world of automatic transmissions. Don't use it unless you know where you're going!


Robert Knight

Robert Knight ( is host and producer of EarthWatch, heard Wednesdays at Midnight on Pacifica Radio WBAI 99.5 FM in New York.

The award-winning journalist and systems analyst also works as a fundraising copywriter for WBAI's Development Department, and continues as a correspondent for the News Department, where he served as News Director for four years.

Robert Knight was a founding producer, along with Dennis Bernstein, of the ground-breaking Contragate news program, and Executive Producer of the nationally syndicated Undercurrents investigative news program.

He is also a featured player in the Oscar-winning feature documentary "The Panama Deception."

His writings have been published in various newspapers and periodicals.

Robert's work has taken him to five of the seven continents but, as he puts it, "Who really wants to go to Antarctica and Australia?"


Knight Writer

Robert Knight's published work includes:

"And I'd like to thank. . . The People!"

Robert Knight's awards include:

Comedy To Knight!

Robert Knight's intentionally comedic performances include his role as news anchor in "Sixty Mimics," the political comedy CD featuring Randy Credico, Bill Kunstler, Professor Irwin Corey, and what sounds like a cast of thousands. He has also performed at Caroline's, co-produced the Raucus Caucus campaign revue, and written satirical articles for SPY Magazine and Esquire (in press).

And then there are his profane deadpan witticisms on the oh-so-serious subjects of the day, as heard at the most inappropriate times on Earthwatch.

Robert maintains that neurological discoveries such as the N200 and P400 brain waves (which are associated with 200- and 400-millisecond delays in decoding an unexpected stimulus which at first seemed... normal) suggest that surprise, humor and learning are inseparable companions.

What's so funny?

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